Thursday, April 1, 2010



Five down on my blog book tour – breath sigh of relief. Tougher than you might think. Offering to guest-blog, negotiating the blog-sites and dates, writing the pieces sometimes needing extra research, sending it off, checking it’s all OK, visiting and replying to any comments, letting people know… Quite exciting though. Scroll down a bit for my blog with actual dates and links – you may have to go to Archive for relevant month for some. 

Next date is April 8th on Nan Hawthorne’s Booking History with Stories Behind the Statues – a peak into the Athenian fashion at 

Then probably a bit of a break from it till May 31st with one on ancient cookery.

Busy week. I’ve been finalising the running order of poems in my new collection from Lapwing for one. 

Then there’s setting up a poetry slam on April 30th as a major event in the Drogheda Fringe attached to the Drogheda Arts Festival. And liaising with my son over release of Irish gangster movie Trafficking which is lining up for May 21st. 

Plus writing, email correspondence, keeping up with discussion groups, a bit of accounts and some PR. And getting distracted by fascinating inbox arrivals.

The bank holiday weekend was looking like a good opportunity to do a little gardening but, just when you thought it was safe to go back in the garden and having dared a short haircut, another cold spell arrives. 

Should I, shouldn’t I? 

But there are daffodils and daisies out, catkins on the big tree, leaves appearing on the rhubarb, and the grass is growing – well, there has to be a downside as the mowing chore rears it’s ugly head once again as a belated spring arrives. Great to hear the birds singing so joyfully again, though.

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  1. You're busy! Good to see you on blogger and that all is going well with you.