Thursday, February 11, 2010



Today I’m going to exploit the opportunity to be a bit more personal if only because of the recent good happenings on that front. First the news that Lapwing Publications of Belfast are to publish soon a collection of my poems called Greybell Wood and Beyond. Sorry if poetry’s not your cup of tea but it’s my first solo run, so I’m excited about it, quite apart from the rush of having to tidy the poems up and polish them. I also found it great fun hosting various literary events and readings at Boyne Books in Drogheda in the second half of last year, a really atmospheric new resource for the artistic community in the town.

Even more exciting is the arrival of grandson Oisin Alexander nearly three months ago to Simon and Teresa in Dublin to join two-year-old sister Alana. He was just in time for family gathering we had at Christmas when younger son Brian and granddaughter Tara (9 years) came over from the UK - a rare occurrence. Plus a niece and her brood joined us. All highly enjoyable. The pantomime was fun too.

I’m finally getting myself organised to take to the road (metaphorically, of course). There’s the blogging here for one. Then, I’ll be talking about ‘Classics into Fiction’ and how various historical research findings turned into story ideas that became my novel Death Comes by Amphora on Thursday 25 February, 6.30pm, at University College Dublin for the UCD Classics Society – all welcome. Then on March 5th I’m guest-blogging on Julie Lomoe's Musings Mysterioso with a piece called ‘In Pursuit of Plausibility’ which asks how important plausibility is for reader involvement in historical crime fiction and whether, conversely, being too accurate could turn readers off. You’ll have to read it to find out what I mean. I’m hoping to be guest-blogging more over the next few months – I’ll keep you informed. Oh, and I’ve been contributing reviews to Alan Bishop’s Criminal History ezine.

Next time, something more closely related to the thrills and spills of historical crime writing.

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